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Top 10 Things that Set Us Apart from the Other Studios

1. Professional dance instruction in a fun, friendly atmosphere using positive reinforcement.  All of our studio rooms have professional, sprung dance floors to prevent injury.

2. Flexible Enrollment - we welcome new students all year as long as there is room in the class requested.

3. All inclusive tuition!

4.  Multi-class discount.  

5.  The recital is always optional.  Your child may participate in class all year and choose not to do the recital.

6. Recitals are approximately 1.5 hours in length.

7. All dancers in the recital are seated in the audience and allowed to watch their show - not sequestered backstage somewhere for hours on end until their number goes on.

8. Parent Observation windows in every studio room.  You are paying for the class - you should always be able to see what you are paying for.

9. Limited class size.

10. We don't believe in "cutting" kids from our competition team!!  We have a place for everyone who has a passion for dance!!

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