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Artists in Motion offers the finest training from knowledgeable and creative instructors to build strength, understanding, and stylistic expression. We strive to educate our students in a comfortable and positive environment, while emphasizing self-confidence in a structured atmosphere. Our goal is to provide students of all ages the skills needed to understand and appreciate the arts for a lifetime!

"All children are ARTISTS... the problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up." Pablo Picasso


At AIM, we believe that dancing is the breath of life. We teach because we are passionate and we love to share the joy of fitness, health, well-being, artistry, and friendship. We believe in being part of a community, giving back to the community, and teaching our students to do the same. We raise money for charity and reach out with public performances for those who need a smile. We believe in dedication, hard-work, and pride. We believe that children should have fun and feel at home when they walk through the studio doors. We believe that every student we teach is a valuable part of our AIM team. From children to adults we encourage growth, no matter your dance or fitness level. We welcome you to come take a free class and discuss your needs. 


Thanks so much for keeping us strong!

Michele Wolf


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